While I am playing on making cheap, cool hardware gadgets for VMware, others are focused on finding the best possible hardware to run your ESXi (or other hypervisor) on. Alex from the UK has made some real awesome progress on this in the past few days. Using a newly released Intel NUC, which is a new barebone system for 260 EUROS (inc VAT) ex memory, but capable of max 16GB he found a way to run ESXi v5 on it. Not only is this a good enough system for home lab; 16gb RAM, 2x Intel I3 Cores, 1x 1GB LAN, and the option to add extra via mini-PCI-express cards (~43 euros) it is also Quiet!!! (like in silence), which probably for most home labs will be awesome. My servers have to be in my garage (out side of the house) due to their noise. O and from the energy conscious geeks, it also just uses a few Watts 🙂

The total system with 1nic and 16GB ram comes down to 348 euro! (inc VAT). This put having 2 physical lab nodes into the possibilities of many virtual geeks out there… and without pissing of their girl friends /wifes (at least noise wise).

Read here the full article by Alex how he got everything up and running.