Well I am still making progress with my analog alarm/monitor box, but really still need to come up with a better name for it! If anyone has any suggestions, please shoot!

I just finished the board design (I hope it is correct) and ordered a few boards, I should have them just after valentines. All the other components I already have in stock, so I should hopefully be able to offer a few kits for any of you that would like to have one of these yourself.

The software development is also going steady. I finished last weekend the configuration software (webbased), fully based on ajax. You can setup for each meter what object you want to meter (VM, Host, ResourcePool, Cluster, Datacenter) and then select any of the available counters for that object. A few are percentage based, so the meter can display 0% to 100%, but you can also have absolute numbers displayed, as you can define in the config software the min and max value.

I guess before I receive the circuit boards I really need to finish the casing, as I have not done much work on that. Hopefully can make some progress on that coming weekend. My current prototype just have a faceplate. In the end I will design 2 versions; A 4 meter version and a 6 meter version.

To be continued….