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Utilities and Tools
» 1.4 KiB - 2,653 hits - March 10, 2017
Easy VMware Scanner in Pytrhon 3. Quickly scan your network for all VMware products connected to the network.

  Vaudit Test Engine - BETA
» 346.2 KiB - 3,755 hits - April 28, 2013
This is a beta version of the new vAudit V2. It will properly log all View 5.x session, including client information like client type and ip address
» 134.8 KiB - 3,911 hits - December 7, 2012
This file contains examples of PHP code to communicate with vSphere using the vSphere API. it contains the nusoap library files and a small vc_lib file. Examples include listing all VMs and showing performance stats.

  VMware Scanner v.1.4
» 1.3 MiB - 22,033 hits - July 22, 2011
This is a simple utility to scan for VMware Servers (ESX, ESXi, VirtualCenter and VMware Server). It uses the VMware API to identify a VMware server and query the product name, version and build number.

  vAudit 1.5
» 519.9 KiB - 12,511 hits - November 30, 2009
vAudit Screenshot
vAudit is a utility for VMware View environments (3.01 and 3.1). The tool will display when your users are logging in to their virtual machines and it can also display and unsuccessful login attempts. Version 1.5 includes the option to export the data to a comma seperated file.

  vAudit 1.03 - Special Edition
» 518.6 KiB - 2,962 hits - November 5, 2009
This is a 'special' edition of vAudit, that does not show any usernames. Incase you work in a country/company where you are not allowed to track actual users.

  VMware CPU Host Info 2.01
» 910.4 KiB - 15,562 hits - November 29, 2008

This tools will allow you to read out all CPU information from all your ESX Servers by querying your VC server. It will show what features are available on your CPUs and if they are compatible to vmotion VMs and if FT is supported.

  ITQ VLan and Portgroup Manager
» 640.5 KiB - 7,134 hits - November 27, 2008

Flores Eken from ITQ Consultancy in the Netherlands is also an enthausiast VMware SDK programmer. He wrote this application in C# based on the new ESX3.x /VC2.x SDK. It allows you to easily setup all portgroups and VLan IDs on all your ESX Servers. You can first read out (use the export feature) the network settings of a single ESX Host. With that information you can then setup all your other servers.

» 988.3 KiB - 4,292 hits - November 30, 2007
VMjuggler is an application I wrote to use during demonstrations. The program is quite simple, it connects to VirtualCenter 2.x and you can select a VM and 2 hosts. After selecting this you can start the juggler and the VM will be moves every 10 seconds between the hosts. The fun thing to do of course is while this is going on with the virtual machine is to run parallel a load generation program against your VM to see how much it is impacted. It also keeps a counter to see how many vmotions have been taking place.

  VCPlus 1.01
» 1.3 MiB - 5,036 hits - June 17, 2007
VCplus screenshot
VCplusVCplus is a program (windows service) that can add additional information into your VirtualCenter environment. Currently it can add Disk Usage within the VM, is snapshot is present and shapshot size and it can sync DNS name with display name

  Virtual MAC Tools
» 595.1 KiB - 4,802 hits - February 28, 2007

The tool was originally developed because of the way we manage IP addresses of our servers – every server (physical and virtual) is configured for DHCP and has a fixed reservation for its MAC address. So we require MAC addresses on our VMs that won’t change. I wrote this little app to make it easier and faster to do this, instead of having to SSH into the host and edit .vmx files by hand, and hope that VirtualCenter doesn’t want to overwrite your changes. Since then it’s been easier for me to add extra little features than write separate apps for everything – so now it also has a basic reporting feature. Overall, the application is very simple. It was designed and built in VB.NET 2005, and uses the VI3 SDK. There is limited error-handling in a few places, but in most cases it will probably just crash. It should be quite safe to use though – all it knows how to do is submit a VM_Reconfigure task with a modified virtual network device – it won’t delete VM’s or anything dangerous. There is no support offered with this tool, however I will try and answer any e-mails I receive about it (

  VM Time
» 40.8 KiB - 3,577 hits - November 26, 2006
Screenshot of VMtime
A small utility that measures the time within a Virtual Machine and the time of the Host it is running on. It will report on any time differences between the two. Nice for testing and checking if the VM really knows what time it is and detect any 'time drifting'

  VM PerfMon
» 234.6 KiB - 5,197 hits - November 26, 2006
This is a simple program to actually measure the actual performance within a VM. It uses the VI3 GuestSDK and shows a graph of the actual CPU usage (not what the VM thinks, but real world usage) and displays in text more information about memory and cpu usage.