vmktree is a free web tool that shows you the graphs of resource usage of VMware ESX Server. vmktree depends on vmkusage that is part of the VMware-esx-perf package, a utility from VMware that is included in VMware ESX Server 2.1.0 and newer.

VMKTree Website

VMware’s back

This Website contains information about the BackDoor VMware tools uses within Virtual Machines. Also you can find here a great Solaris VGA X11 driver for VMware Virtual Machines. This allows you to run Solaris with ful graphics in a VMware Workstation Virtual Machine.

VMware’s Back Website

VMware P2V Assistant

VMware P2V Assistant is an enterprise-class migration tool that transforms an image of an existing physical system into a VMware virtual machine. This easy to use market proven tool enables fast and reliable physical to virtual machine migration for Microsoft Windows operating systems ranging from Windows NT 4 to Windows Server 2003. Having pioneered the automation of physical to virtual machines in 2002, VMware has now released a new version of P2V Assistant that builds on the experiences and feedback of more than 300 enterprise customers.

VMware P2V Assistant

PlateSpin Power P2V

100% automated operating environment portability solution, allowing data, applications, and operating systems to be migrated or replicated to a virtual infrastructure or as Images for deployment at a later time.

Using the drag-and-drop interface, physical or virtual machine servers running Windows or Linux can be converted into a fully functional virtual machine hosted on VMware ESX Server, VMware GSX Server, Microsoft Virtual Server 2005, or on a Platespin Flexible Image file.

PlateSpin Power P2V Website

PlateSpin OCM

Comprehensive physical server and virtual machine management from a single console for Windows and Linux. From initial provisioning to ongoing monitoring and workload management, POMC is the full lifecycle answer. Deploy new server environments to empty servers or virtual machines — right from your desktop.

POCM contains features like:

  • Automated Discovery
  • Provisioning
  • Update Management
  • Update Management
  • Hardware Management
  • Workload Management
  • Monitoring
  • PlateSpin OMC Website

    LeoStream Virtual Controller

    Management product for VMware and Microsoft Virtualization Software.

    Contains features like:

  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting
  • Policy-Based Access Control
  • Fail-Over for Virtual Machines
  • Fail-Over for Physical Server
  • Disaster Recovery
  • LeoStream Website

    Veritas Cluster Services for VMware ESX Server

    VMware Cluster Services for ESX Server allows you to ‘cluster’ Virtual Machines on ESX Servers. If a physical server goes down, it can automate the process of powering on the machines lost on other ESX Servers.

    This product today is not Virtual Center and VMotion Aware.

    Vertitas Clustering Website

    VMware VirtualCenter 1.2

    VMware VirtualCenter is virtual infrastructure management software, providing a central and secure point of control for your virtual computing resources.

    VirtualCenter creates a more responsive data center, which enables faster reconfiguration and reallocation of applications and services. It allows instant provisioning of servers. User-downtime is decreased. The data center becomes optimized. VirtualCenter is a powerful way to connect IT to business needs.

    VMware Virtual Center Website

    UniCenter plugin for VMware

    Unicenter® Network and Systems Management Option for VMware Software enables you to reliably discover, monitor and maintain the health and availability of the virtualized VMware software environment. It incorporates host server and virtual machine knowledge within comprehensive features such as policy-based automation, root-cause analysis, reporting and role-specific visualization. Integrated with Unicenter Network and Systems Management, it superbly manages heterogeneous infrastructures.

    features at a glance:

  • Real-time discovery and mapping of VMware
  • Monitoring the health and availability of VMware
  • Remote administration of VMware host servers
  • Comprehensive heterogeneous management
  • Intelligent policy- and role-based management
  • UniCenter plugin for VMware website

    ARMTech for VMware Server

    ARMTech for VMware gives administrators the level of management and control on virtual machines that they have come to expect from ARMTech on physical servers — including business-based resource policy enforcement and provisioning — to ensure that the most critical applications and users get the access they need to real and virtual system resources.

    Designed to maximize utilization and productivity of existing systems without increased risk of system instability, ARMTech for VMware – Server Edition extends the system management capabilities of VMware’s industry-leading GSX Server and ESX Server virtual machine solutions to provide increased system utilization, application availability, and overall Quality of Service, ensuring the highest levels of performance and stability from critical and time-sensitive applications at both the host and guest OS level.

    ARMTech Website